Why Organizations and Individuals Choose Us

We have trained over 12,000 participants in Project Management, Operations Management, Data Science and other areas. In most of the organizations, we have been training for years. The feedback tell us why people choose us:

This has been the single most important aspect distinguishing us, and making us the "Go-to" people for any training need. Our faculty are not only experts in their respective fields, but are trained in the art of teaching and training. Passion drives them in their work. Quest for excellence makes them keep themselves abreast with the latest in the field.

We truly believe that knowing something is different from being able to teach the same. That is the reason, we train our trainers to understand how people learn and how the course should be structured, to ensure maximum effectiveness. We apply theories of learning and psychology, for designing our own methodologies for teaching concepts, skills and for reinforcing behaviours changes.

We are aware that the real learning happens once the learners leave the classrom and apply what they have learnt to the real-life situations. This is when they need support, in term of clearing doubts, answering questions etc. We handhold learners, and discuss and resolve issues they might be facing in implementation of learning.

We provide training services for individuals and corporates on Project Management methodologies, Data Analytics and AI tools and techniques, and OEM / Open-source technologies / Platforms.

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” - Albert Einstein

Our Clients