Saraswati – Ganesh – Laxmi


Very often, you would have seen picture of the triad of Hindu Gods – Laxmi, Ganesh and Saraswati. But have you ever wondered why these three are depicted together. Although it is metaphorical, it makes a lot of sense.

Out of the three, Goddess Laxmi is Goddess of Money. I have deliberately not used the word “Wealth” as there is a huge difference between “Money” and “Wealth”. We will come to that in a bit of time. Goddess Saraswati is Goddess of Knowledge. When we know a lot of things, we are said to be blessed by Goddess Saraswati. Now, irony of the situation is – Most often you will observe that people who have lot of money, are not very knowledgeable. And those who have lot of knowledge work for these less knowledgeable, but moneyed people.

Why does this happen. Why this contrast. Why Laxmi and Saraswati do not stay together. Why Laxmi goes with the less knowledgeable ? Another thing you may have observed is that many a times people get a lot of money suddenly, and then lose it suddenly. Why is it that people are not able to convert this “Money” into “Wealth” ?

The answer to all these questions is that unless the money is used wisely, it does not grow. It has a tendency to flow out. That is why, it is termed as Liquid Cash – something that can flow out. Also, if the knowledge is not used wisely, it does not generate money. It remains bookish.

In order to take of these issues, Lord Ganesha is positioned in the center. HE is the Lord of Wisdom – The ability to decipher between “The Right and The Wrong”, “The Good and The Bad”. This wisdom is what converts Knowledge into Money, and Money into Wealth.

We call this as the Wisdom Center (and not just knowledge center). Here, we have put in some small nuggets of wisdom, which can help us grow.