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ELearn – The E in our name does not mean Electronic.

It has a different meaning. We believe in the 5E-Model for Evolving through Learning.

  • Exit – The Wrong Learning – Through our journey of life, we learn a lot of things. Some of these are, in fact, detrimental to our own growth and evolution. We need to first “Exit” this Learning, or as it is often said – We need to Unlearn, clean the slate before we can acquire newer learning.
  • Enhance – The Current Learning – Many of things that we learn, are at superficial level only. We need to go deeper in these and enhance our learning. We need to understand the concepts well, and we need to be able to apply them effectively.
  • Extend – The Areas of Learning – We tend to restrict ourselves to only our field of learning. Technical experts want to remain technical, finance experts do not want to go beyond their own domain. We need to cross-learn fundamentals from other domains.
  • Expand – The Horizons of Learning – Our learning tends to stop at the Knowledge, Comprehension and Application level only. We have to go beyond these levels to levels of Synthesis, Analysis, and Evaluation, that can not only help us win quiz games, but help us make decisions.

Evolve – Evolution per se, is a perpetual process. It can never be complete. That is the reason, why the enlarging circles climb onto an Asymptotic Curve. The word “Asymptotic” is opposite of “To Meet”. This signifies that Evolution can target meeting Perfection – But it can never meet perfection, as evolution is never complete. In the quest to reach perfection, every time we evolve, we can only go closer to perfection.

Hence our Punch Line – ELearn – Evolve.

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